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Shooting Supplies for the Black Powder Enthusiast

The pioneers had to rely on the simplicity of their firearms functioning when needed. Out of necessity the pioneer experimented with the ingredients he had and soon favorites and favorite combinations emerged. Today every Minuteman product is produced from all natural ingredients; they are non-toxic and bio-degradable. The formula of Minuteman products neutralizes black powder residue. With Minuteman products a natural seasoning of the barrel occurs with every shot. Remember grandmother's old cast iron frying pan and the seasoning its surface had? The pioneers found that the seasoning of the bore lends the firearm to its best possible accuracy and makes it a pleasure to shoot.  After becoming seasoned, each shot literally shoots out the residue from the previous shot, and thus prevents fouling of the bore and forces natural lube into the pores of the barrel. Once you season the bore with Minuteman products you may reload as much as you care to and we'll assure you that no build-up will occur. Your shots will become consistent.

Modern technology is only used in the processing of Minuteman products to insure a sound product. For example; a man went to the store and bought a pound of lard and made some bore lube. His first time at the range went pretty well. Group size could have been better but he was on his way to good accuracy. Three weeks later, back at the range, he couldn't get a bullet loaded as the bore had become a rusted pipe in remarkable time. He later learned that the lard had been "salted" and his magical mix of lube was in fact toxic to his bore.  Each Minuteman product is made with the best combination of natural ingredients, all processed and purified to produce safe results. Minuteman products will not harm wood or plastic.

We recommend seasoning your muzzleloader's bore with the Minuteman Products, even if you are shooting a modern muzzleloader. Once seasoned, shoot the sabots and you'll find they will load easier and shoot better. Just maintain your seasoning as needed.

minuteman products pre-lubed shooting patches

Pre-Lubed Shooting Patches

100% cotton patches pre-lubed with all natural lube in .010 thickness for 32 - 54 caliber. The 200 patches will last more than one season. A mild apple scent won't offend you or your game.

Pre-Lubed Shooting Patches
32-54 Caliber .010" 100 count $9.75
32-54 Caliber .010" 200 count $15.95
minuteman products pre-lubed cleaning patches

Pre-Lubed Cleaning Patches

A great follow-up in conjunction with Minuteman pre-lubed shooting patches. After being amazed at how many times you can shoot without having to clean, a good cleaning is still recommended. Washing out the barrel with hot soapy water and then swabbing out the bore with Minuteman Pre-Lubed Cleaning Patches is the best procedure for prolonged storage. But for in-between hunting days, just a swabbing with a few patches is all that's needed. 100% cotton cleaning patches also come in a convenient pocket sized can, and comes in 1 1/4" and 2 1/4" sizes. The fresh apple is used here also.

Pre-Lubed Cleaning Patches
45-58 Caliber 2 1/4" 50 count $9.85
32-40 Caliber 1 1/4" 100 count $12.50
minuteman products shooting paste

Shooting Paste

For the do-it-yourselfer and Black Powder Pistol enthusiasts. This all natural paste compliments the shooter who desires perfection by making their own projectiles and using cotton patches or pillow ticking. Just rub your patch in the paste lube, or grease your slug and load as usual. Improved results should be noticed after 15 to 20 shots. For the pistol shooter, Minuteman Shooting Paste is excellent for capping off cylinders. The pleasant apple scent, and convenient can are also used to package this paste lube.

Shooting Paste/Cap and Ball Lube
4 oz. tin $9.95
minuteman products liquid patch lube

Liquid Patch Lube

Just like the paste, but liquid. Dampen a number of patches in a container and keep shooting. Ideal for difficult situations like odd bores or projectile sizes. Lets you make up a few patches of any thickness and test them in your firearm.

Liquid Patch Lube
4 oz. bottle $7.50
minuteman products bore cleaner

Black Powder Bore Cleaner

This all natural bore cleaner can also be used as an all around gun care product. Letting Minuteman Bore Cleaner soak in the bore of your muzzle loader or pistol barrel and cylinder, breaks down all that hard-to-reach grime and residue.

Black Powder Bore Cleaner
4 oz. bottle $8.75
minuteman products gun oil

Gun Oil

Every good gun oil should possess properties like lubricity, repellency, coating qualities and resistance to gumming. Minuteman all natural Gun Oil meets these properties with high ratings. Most importantly Minuteman Gun Oil won't nullify the seasoning of your bore after storage and upon firing. Petroleum based oils will char during firing, especially with black powder residue. They have a high ash rating. This ash buildup is not noticed if the same oil is used on a mechanical machine mainly for lubricity, but has no place in your bore. If exposed to flame and embers, petroleum based oils make a hard residue that can bake onto the bore. Beware of the many gun oils that really should never enter the bore of your muzzleloader.

Gun Oil
4 oz. bottle $3.95

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